Five short links

Photo by Alex Loach

Passing data from server to Javascript on page load – A strong treatment of a grubby little subject that anyone who writes a non-trivial web app has to think about. We have a much more ad hoc version of this, and I'd probably stick to a whitelist of known operations rather than passing in a function name as a string, but I like the approach.

Vaurien, the Chaos TCP proxy – I'm itching to use this, without any pressing justification. There's just something very appealing about throwing glitches and noise into any system and seeing what happens.

How food shapes our cities – This gave me a sense of wonder at how far we've come so quickly, with just a couple of centuries (or these days a few hundred miles and a border or two) separating us from desperately unreliable food supplies.

dstk_excel – Despite its issues, I love github's new search, it helped me discover this Excel interface to my Data Science Toolkit! I love people sometimes.

Heather Arthur – And then sometimes people suck. It's actually good to see this get some attention, being respectful about other people's didn't come naturally to me. It took a good first lead programmer to point out that while I was being snobbish about the original Diablo code I was working on porting, the original engineers were rolling in money like Scrooge McDuck, so who was the idiot?


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