Data Science Toolkit 0.35 released

Photo by Wonderlane

I've just completed deploying a new version of the toolkit. It contains quite a few bug fixes and improvements, along with two new features:

UK Support 

You can now enter British postal addresses into the street2coordinates geocoder, and it will return the coordinates. With post codes included, it's normally accurate to within a couple of hundred feet. You can then run those positions through coordinates2politics to get the parliamentary constituency, county, council district and ward, NHS area and post code.

Time and date extraction

The new text2times method will scan through the text that you pass it, and pull out any strings that it can understand as times or dates. These include both a variety of formal date/time combinations like '10/28/01' as well as informal descriptions like 'next Friday'.

You can try it out by going to , the command-line tools are at , the new AMI is ami-f6e11d9f, and there's a new VM at

You should still be able to use your existing code with no changes, I've done my best to ensure everything's backwards-compatible, but let me know if anything breaks.

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