Five Short Links

Photo by Nicolas Suzor

Newscoop – A content-management system designed by and for journalists. It’s been used in conjunction with Ushahidi to interesting effect.

Crisismappers extends UN capacity in Libya – As the power of crowd-mapping becomes more obvious, there will be pressure to use it in more ambiguous situations than natural disasters or the toppling of tyrants. Mapping military airbases in Libya gives a hint of what crowd-sourced warfare could look like.

StarCluster – A simple way to run and manage clusters of EC2 machines for scientific computing, complete with AMIs pre-loaded with useful software and sensible defaults. If this is your thing, you should check out Infochimp’s impressive ClusterChef too.

Fathom – A design firm with a portfolio of clear, crisp and beautiful infographics,

Trunkler – Link curation for your iPhone, built on top of the powerful service. Shows why having a third-party API can pay off, even in the early days.

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