Five Short iPhone Tracking Links

Photo by Evil Science Chick

Some of you may have noticed a weekend hack I put together with Alasdair Allan for visualizing location data on your iPhone. Here's some random links related to the project:

Tell-All Telephone – View a German politician's life as a visualization, after he agreed to have detailed recording software added to his phone. [Update, I misread the story, and it was actually information gathered without his knowledge, but that he agreed to share afterwards to raise awareness. As commenter Seve says "The movement data of the german politician Matle Spitz were collected by law and not with his agreement. The movement and call data of everybody connected to a german mobil phone network were stored for 6 months. Finally the german supreme court stopped that law and the data were deleted. "

Geoloqi – A fascinating system that lets you volunteer to track your own movements, and share certain aspects of them with people you trust.

Location tracking on Android too – Detailed and fair technical analysis of the way that Android monitors your location, and how it differs from Apple's approach.

A Cryptographic Approach to Location Privacy – There are ways to get a lot of the benefits of location services without recording or revealing your position. Arvind's proposal shows how one application could work in a secure way.

22 Free Tools for Data Visualization and Analysis – The navigation is tough without a table of contents, but this is a guide overview of a lot of the tools you can use to turn your data into a visual story.

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