Map your leads with ForceMapper

I've had a lot of sales professionals using OpenHeatMap to visualize their customers, and they've often asked if I could make it even easier. It doesn't get much simpler than an integrated Salesforce version, so just in time for Dreamforce, here's an early preview of ForceMapper:

Just log in with your Salesforce ID and you'll get a dashboard showing your leads and accounts by state, country and city. It's only available for Enterprise-level Salesforce users currently, but once it's been accepted into AppExchange it should be usable by Partner customers too. We're pleased to offer this completely free for the next 30 days, and early users will be rewarded for their help once the premium version is rolled out.

It's not just a visualization tool – load the site up on your iPhone and it will use your current location to suggest nearby customers to visit, complete with directions.

Have questions? Call us free on 1 800 408 6046

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