“Strata Rejects” lightning talks

Photo by Jennifer Rouse

I've met several people in the last few days who had interesting-sounding proposals that didn't make it through the review process for the Strata conference. After the last conversation, I was struck by the idea of an unofficial get-together the evening before the main conference. So (with absolutely no implied connection to Strata®!) I'm running a 'Rejects' series of lightning talks on Monday. Anyone who had a talk rejected, or didn't get it in before the deadline, gets five minutes to give the PDQ version.

It will be starting at 7pm on Monday January 31st, in an undisclosed location near the hotel in Santa Clara. Munchies, beer and transport will be provided. Email me with your name, and talk title if you'd like to speak, and I'll get back to you with the full details. Bonus points will be given for starting with 'They laughed at my ideas, but I'll show those fools, muhahahahah!'

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