Five short links

Photo by Clara Alim

Lawnchair – “Sorta like a couch except smaller and outside”. Great little project for storing client-side data in a simple, modern way.

Synopsis Data Structures for Massive Data Sets – The more I deal with large data sets, the more I appreciate how useful approaches like Bloom Filters can be. This somewhat dense paper introduced me to a whole menagerie of other ‘synopsis data structures’ that store an incomplete but useful set of properties about a massive data set, within a surprisingly small memory footprint.

Let your gray hair light your way through unfamiliar data – Short but interesting perspective from an investment banker on the attitude you need to effectively analyze data.

Burglaries in Auckland’s Eastern SuburbsOpenHeatMap hits New Zealand, thanks to Reuben Schwarz

GetAround – I spent yesterday trying to make it to a series of meetings scattered around Silicon Valley using only my new folding bike and trains, but the sparse non-peak Caltrain schedule made it impossible. At the end of the day I bumped into Jessica Scorpio handing out donut holes in Palo Alto, and after my day her startup sounded very appealing. It lets you rent out your car when you’re not using it, like a peer-to-peer equivalent of ZipCar. I would feel a lot better about keeping my car for visits like yesterday’s if it wasn’t sitting idle for the rest of the time.

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