Abolish birthright citizenship!

There's a groundswell of support for the proposal that children shouldn't get US citizenship merely because they're born here. I'm in complete agreement, it's downright un-American to just get handed citizenship on a plate without having to earn it. We rightly have a suspicion of those who inherit their wealth, and all of the same problems accompany being admitted as a member of this great nation without having to work for it.

I have a modest proposal: At 18 every young adult in the world goes through our immigration process to earn their green card, regardless of where they were born or live. We all worry about the quality of our education system – can you imagine the extra hours our kids will put in when they know they're competing against the best that China and Japan can offer? Competition is the American way – it's unfortunate that we'll end up trucking some of our teenagers across the border to Canada or Mexico, but that will be a great encouragement to the others.

I look forward to seeing this adopted as a bi-partisan measure, since the unfairness of inheriting citizenship seems to be such an important principle for so many.

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