Los Angeles web ventures barbecue

Photo by SpacePotato

If you’re a tech entrepreneur in LA, come along to the first meeting of the local web ventures group. It’s on Saturday June 14th at 1:00pm in Sherman Oaks, organized by Wil Fernandez. There’s all the practical benefits of networking, but the real point for me is to be around a bunch of people driven by the same passion. I’ve made it to too few EMS events, (Saturday mornings are usually booked for trailwork) but I always walk out fired up by the determination of both the students and presenters to Get Stuff Done.

I was looking at restarting the apparently moribund LA open coffee club, but whilst researching this article found that it’s alive and well, just not covered on the main site. The joys of a fragmented web. I just missed a meeting yesterday, but I’ll be making it along to the next. If there’s any other SoCal entrepreneur events I’m missing, let me know in the comments and I’ll check them out.

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