Eat at Husky’s in West Seattle


If you’re ever in West Seattle, check out Husky delicatessen for some gorgeous sandwiches. We were staying near California Avenue this week visiting family, and wandered in by chance to pick up some lunch. After trying their Chicken Cashew on Sourdough, we ended up coming back again for the next three days! They’re a family-owned store with a long history, and a great selection of custom-made candy and ice cream along with the sandwiches. The servers are all on the ball, ready to help you pick through all their choices, and happy to give you two half-sandwiches for the price of a whole. They use fresh, local ingredients, and it shows in the taste.


I wasn’t active enough to justify ice cream, but I was enviously checking out everyone else’s, and it looked soft and creamy.


I’m getting hungry just remembering Husky’s, I think I need to pick up some brunch…

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