Defrag has arrived!


I flew into Denver this morning, and even though Defrag doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, I’ve already had a couple of early meet-ups with some of the local folks. It was fun seeing Rob and Josh from EventVue in the flesh for the first time, and hearing about all their hard work. They’ve been running at full steam since May I hope they get a chance for a break soon.

I also made an interesting discovery; Denver has two Hyatt hotels just a couple of blocks from each other, the Grand Hyatt and the Hyatt Regency. I only found this out after I’d dropped my car at the Grand’s valet parking and tried to check in! Luckily I was able to make it to the right one without further misadventure.

Funhouse Photo User Count: 2,097 total, 111 active. Ticking up gradually, with some good weekend active numbers.

Event Connector
User Count
: 109 total, 4 active.

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