Beautiful data


With the mass of raw data I’m getting from a couple of years of my own email, I’m looking around for a good way to turn that into information. A simple ranking of my closest contacts is a good start, but I want to also see how much of the real-life groupings between others can be revealed. I’m working on a basic force-directed graph implementation, but that still leaves a lot of display choices. is one of my favorite places to find inspiration. They’ve done a great job collecting some of the most striking methods of presenting graph data visually. I also enjoy the Data Mining blog. Matthew’s a great resource and he’s good at reminding me to focus on getting something useful from my visualizations, not just pretty pictures. He’s headed to Defrag, so I hope I’ll get a chance to say hello.

Funhouse Photo User Count: 2,042 total, 52 active. Steady growth, but a low active count.

Event Connector User Count: 106 total, 13 active. A miniature growth spurt over the last day or two, with a comparatively large number of engaged users.

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