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When I was 16, I’d sneak into a University of Cambridge computer lab, with the desire to download Amiga mods and demos from ftp sites. This was pre-web, but I owned The New Hacker’s Dictionary (aka the Jargon File), and had been very excited by the concepts of email and Usenet. What blew me away when I actually tried them was that the person who wrote my assembler reference was on the ARM newsgroup and answering questions from mere mortals like me!

I was reminded of that yesterday when Matt Brezina from Xobni left a comment here after I reviewed their product. I’m old enough to remember a time before the internet, when people just couldn’t connect like that. Now there’s services that let you know when someone talks about something you’re tracking, and start a conversation. That’s what I find really interesting about working with a social graph, building tools that help people build relationships.

That computer lab also led to me living in an Alaskan treehouse for three months, but that’s a story for another post!

Funhouse Photo User Count: 2,003 total, 73 active. Broke 2000!

Event Connector User Count: 100 total, 5 active. Broke 100, which isn’t quite as exciting.

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