CollectiveX and JackBe

After dinner, I popped down to the hotel bar to peruse their selection of martinis. I met Clarence and Joe, the CEO and CEO CTO of I hadn’t seen it before, but it’s an interesting service for anyone who’s collaborating. It provides a central location for group organization, you can email group members, have a shared calendar, host forums, all in one place. I chatted a bit about the ideas behind Event Connector, and how they tied in.

I also met John and Marilyn Jessica from JackBe. I was very interested to hear from John about his company’s experiences selling to large organizations. Marilyn Jessica also gave me a (probably well-deserved) ear-full about bringing a book along to read at the bar. I think the key adjective was ‘pretentious’, and my only defense was that I’m English, and I read the back of cereal boxes if I don’t have anything better to do. I also received some definitely well-deserved flak about the amount of rubbish I keep in my wallet, which I know Liz will second!

Updated with corrections to the unusual dual-CEO structure I implied, (maybe a RAID approach to corporate management?) and my deepest apologies to Jessica, who’s name I completely misremembered! All-in-all, an argument against posting after returning from cocktail hour. As penance, here’s the photo of my wallet that Jessica requested I add, to prove her point:


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