PeteSearch now on

PeteSearch has finally made it through Mozilla’s review process, and is now on the main add-on site. It’s great to see it on such a high-profile site, but one of the really nifty things is that you now don’t have to go through the two-step process of adding as a trusted site in Firefox to install the addon, since is trusted by default.

It was a long and rocky road getting approval, since they recently added a new sandbox system, and require user reviews before they’ll allow an addon onto the public site. This does make sense, but unfortunately there’s almost no users writing reviews in the sandbox, I think at least partly because it’s tough to get to even if you know about it, and almost impossible to discover if you don’t.

Luckily Pavel Cvrček, Mike Shaver and Shawn Wilsher came to my assistance, and helped me work out how to get the user reviews from news sites and blogs taken into account when they’re evaluating my addon for publication. Shawn has a post explaining the policy in more detail, but in simple terms you need to add links to the external reviews in the  ‘Notes to Reviewer’ section before you nominate it. You get to that section by clicking on the  version number link, eg

Thanks Pavel, Mike and Shawn, I really appreciate your help!

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