Preview polished

I’ve been talking with Philipp Lenssen from the excellent Google Blogoscoped, and he had some great feedback. In particular he called out the problems with some things not showing up correctly in the preview window.

This is something I noticed too, and have a bug filed in sourceforge’s bug tracker on, but it hadn’t made it to the top of my list.

I spent a bit of time on it this morning, and managed to greatly improve it. First off, I was changing the HTML to all lower case as part of my security measures, which messed up any case-sensitive resource paths. I’m doing all my search and replace case insensitively now, so I was able to remove that.

I also discovered that the BASE tag I was adding to resolve relative resources should actually point to the full URL of the page. I was trying to be too clever, and setting it to the URL up until the last /, assuming it had to be a folder name. Just setting it to the full URL made a lot more pages show up correctly.

There’s still some pages that have problems so I’m leaving the bug open, but these two changes seem to have fixed most of the issue.

Philipp also asked why I don’t just set the URL of the frame, rather than writing in the HTML into a local one. That’s a good question, since the current functionality would still work. I’m planning on adding something to help find search terms in the page in the future though, highlighting and scrolling to the right words, and that wouldn’t be possible just setting the location. I like to make life difficult for myself!

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