SearchMash FAQ


What is SearchMash for?

SearchMash makes searching faster and more reliable by weeding out dead or stale results.

Why do I get a security warning?

SearchMash uses a securely signed Java applet to process and display the web pages. Because signed applets have these powerful functions, the browser wants to make sure you trust one before it’s run.
You should trust SearchMash because it’s fully open-source, highly secure, and certified by Verisign. It’s source code is open to scrutiny on Sourceforge, and its full security model is described on this blog.

Why do some pages show up incorrectly in the preview?

There are some bugs with the preview page loading that cause some images and CSS style sheets to fail to load. I made some fixes recently, but there are still some remaining issues. I will be addressing these as soon as possible.

How do I report a bug?

The easiest way is to just email me at Any details you can give me about the operating system, browser and Java versions you used would be very helpful. If you’re comfortable using Sourceforge’s bug tracker, you can also go here to enter one directly.

Where can I get more information?

This blog has regular updates on the latest SearchMash news.
The Squidoo lens has articles on how to use SearchMash.
For the technically minded, the SourceForge project page gives you access to all the source code, as well as a list of current bugs and feature requests.

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