Bugs and features

One of the nice things that sourceforge offers is a feature and bug tracking system. You can check out the bugs here and the features here, or click on the links from the main project page.

I’ve started things off with some bugs and features I’ve had on my mental list for a while, but you should feel free to jump in and add your own requests.


  • Make MashProxy Java 1.1 compatible
  • MashProxy doesn’t really need to use any new Java features, but it relies on a couple just because it was written in a 1.4 environment. I’d like to remove those dependencies, so it’ll run even on really old versions of Java.

  • Previewing missing sites on IE stops window
  • I noticed this while using my parent’s PC on vacation, I normally develop on a Mac/Safari, where I don’t see the problem. Moving the mouse over a missing link, invoking the preview, causes the preview window to stop responding to any further requests to show pages, even valid ones.


  • Improve appearance of status indication
  • I think either icons or specially formatting of the title would be better than the current (found) or (missing) text that’s added after each link.

  • Provide ask.com as an alternative to google
  • I normally only use google, but it seems like it wouldn’t be too hard technically to parse ask.com’s results too, and offer users a choice.

  • Check for search terms in the page
  • This was one of the big features I wanted to help my searching, but that I ran out of time to implement before the first release. It would catch out sites that do ‘cloaking’ (showing one set of results to google to get the search terms, but another to normal users).

  • Show multiple search pages
  • Ten search results to a page sometimes feels a bit stingy, and it seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to concatenate multiple pages of results, one above the other. I’m not sure how many to show at once, but I’d probably try four pages, and forty results, and see how that feels.

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