Getting a Certificate

As I mention in my post on building your own MashProxy applet, you’ll need to sign the applet you build with an RSA-Signed Certificate. Once you’ve got a certificate, the process of signing is fiddly but pretty well documented, so I’m going to focus on acquiring one.


For testing purposes, using a self-signed certificate is good enough, and creating them is easy. The downside is that there’s no verification of any information you put in the certificate, for example you could claim that you’re Bill Gates at Microsoft. The point of signing the applet is that they’re a guarantee that the code is from a known and verified person and organization, since self-signed certificates don’t offer that guarantee, many browsers won’t run them, or will only run them after the user clicks ok on scary security dialogs.

Trusted Third Parties

Firms like Verisign, Thawte and others are what is known as ‘Trusted Third Parties’ (TTPs). They do the work of checking that people who want a certificate are actually who they claim to be, by checking phone numbers, addresses and official documentation, and once they’re satisfied, they’ll issue a certificate containing that information. This certificate is itself signed by their certificate, which will be shipped along with all browsers. The chain of trust is that the browser publisher believes in the TTP’s procedures, so that anyone they sign is also treated with a higher level of trust.

In practice this means less scary security warnings, and the ability to run on even high security settings.

The downside is that the TTP’s checking procedures can take a long time, and need a lot of documentation, and are also fairly costly (several hundred dollars for a year). I used Verisign, and I was very happy with their service, though they’re not the cheapest. Cynthia Klocke dealt with my order very efficiently, if you mail me, I can give you her contact details. Be aware, you’ll need a registered business name, a number in the phone book for that business that they can reach you at, they don’t register individuals, though I’ve heard Thawte will. Here’s a quick description of Verisign’s procedures.

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