Five short links


Photo by Adolfo Chavez

TI Calculator Simulator – A geeky labor of love, simulating one of the seminal 1970’s calculators. I’m awestruck that a machine with only 320 words of ROM and a CPU that’s minimal beyond belief could be so incredibly useful.

The Mighty Dictionary – A detailed explanation of how the Python dictionary works under the hood. The hash-attack freakouts are a good reminder of how useful understanding even the most black-box parts of your stack can be.

A Gauss machine gun – Sometimes I wish I was a physical engineer.

The Boolean Trap – “Code is written once, but read (and debugged and changed) many times” – words to live by.

Frak – Impressive abuse of the regular expression engine to match arbitrary sets of strings. It’s evil, but I’ve resorted to similar hacks myself to get good text-matching performance out of scripting languages

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