Five short links


Photo by ahojohnebrause

Telepath logger – An open source keylogger, with a lot of fun extras like webcam snapshots, light-level, and music-monitoring.

A failure of authorship and peer review – An inadvertent #overlyhonestmethods moment in a chemistry paper.

Datahacker – Some beautiful experiments with 3d maps in the browser.

Black holes, lifeloggers, and space brainAdam Becker’s been doing some great stories for New Scientist, one of my favorite mags, and it’s well worth following his blog too.

Comments on the Mill CPU -I’m a hopeless romantic when it comes to off-beat CPU architectures (I still pine for the clockless ARM Amulet, despite knowing about the problems that have emerged over the decades), so I was excited to read the original announcement of the Mill approach. It’s good to see some in-depth analysis from an expert, explaining a bit more of the history and challenges the Mill architecture faces, especially from dog-slow memory.


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