Five short links

Photo by Curtis Perry

The Declassification Engine – "Saving history from official secrecy". A fascinating concept that shows how the firehose of cheap distributed computing power fundamentally changes what privacy and secrecy mean. We can probably reconstruct a lot of information that people think they've hidden in these documents, but what are the rules?

A 63-bit floating point type for 64-bit OCaml – I've never used the language, but I adore the bit-fiddling that goes into floating-point representations, and this is a lovely hack on top of them.

Local geocoder – A lovely minimal reverse geocoder that's self-contained, including data. I've been excited to see a blossoming of open geocoding solutions, Nominatim has improved in leaps and bounds, PostGIS now has some strong capabilities, and I've been having fun with the Data Science Toolkit of course!

How to say nothing in 500 words – Ancient advice about writing that's still useful. "Call a fool a fool"!

Olympians Festival – I've been getting a lot out of the local TheaterPub nights in San Francisco, so I'm excited to make it to this twelve-night festival with a whopping 36 new plays in November! I'm also a sucker for the greek myths, ever since I hear up with Tony 'Blackadder' Robinson's retelling of the Iliad as a kid.

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