Five short links

Photo by Grant Hutchinson

Assuming everybody else sucked – If an industry is behaving in an apparently irrational way, try to figure out the internal logic that's driving that behavior. You'll be much more effective at breaking the rules if you understand what they are first.

Storing and publishing sensor data – Now we're scattering sensors around like confetti, we're generating ever-growing mounds of time-series data, so here's a good overview of where you can shove it.

100,000 Stars – This WebGL exploration of the universe is so good I feel like this should have already been plastered all over the internet already, but maybe I've been living under a rock?

Mapping the product manifold – I started off in image processing, carried what I'd learned to unstructured text, and now I'm fascinated to see techniques flowing back the other way. We're going to be doing crazily effective recognition of images, language, and every other kind of noisy signal within a few years.

What happened to the crypto dream? – A clear-eyed examination of where the crypto dream of the 90's ended up – ""the demand for technologies that will upset that power balance is quite low".

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