Five short links

Photo by Spodzone

Why the Open Data movement is a joke – An impassioned rant, but it misses the point when it accuses the movement of cloaking itself in the mantle of progressive politics. Tom seems to expect it to attack 'corporate interests', but it's a single-interest lobby, not a political party with a broad agenda.

Excel horror stories – Read through these to understand the real problems that will emerge from our current love affair with data.

Daft Punks Derezzed/TRON – A fan-based video created using the Motion app I helped build at Apple. Pure nostalgia for me, especially spotting the Kaleidotile filter.

Email transparency at Stripe – I know this makes me odd, but I've loved the idea of opening my email to everyone I work with ever since I ran across JP Rangaswami's use of it at BT.

How to succeed in journalism when you can't afford an internship – The depressing answer in this case is 'inherit some money'. Over the past couple of decades we've succeeded in creating an innovative new barrier to poor people becoming professionals in all sorts of industries.

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