Programming and prior experience

I wanted to highlight a comment to my previous post about unpaid work, since I think it deserves to be more prominent:


I'm a female who majored in computer science but then did not use my degree after graduating (I do editing work now). While I was great with things like red-black trees and k-maps, I would have trouble sometimes with implementations because it was assumed going into the field that you already had a background in it. I did not, beyond a general knowledge of computers. 

I was uncomfortable asking about unix commands (just use "man"! – but how do I interpret it?) or admitting I wasn't sure how to get my compiler running. If you hadn't been coding since middle school, you were behind. I picked up enough to graduate with honors, but still never felt like I knew "enough" to be qualified to work as a "true" programmer. 

I like editing better anyway, so I'm not unhappy with my career, but that enviroment can't be encouraging for any but a certain subset of people, privileged and pushed to start programming early. 


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