Five short links

Photo by Elliott Brown

Hollow visions, bullshit, lies, and leadership vs management – "the best creative work depends on getting the little things right", "organizations need both poets and plumbers". So much to absorb here, but it all chimes with my experiences at Apple. Steve Jobs may have been a visionary, but he also knew his business inside and out, and obsessed over details.

Exceptions in C with longjmp and setjmp – When I was learning C, I loved how it felt like complete mastery was within reach, it was contained and logical enough to compile mentally once you had enough experience. longjmp() and setjmp() were two parts I never quite understood until now, so it was fascinating to explore them here.

Web Data Commons – Structured data extracted from 1.5 billion pages. To give you an idea of the economics behind big data, the job only cost around $600 in processing costs.

Greg's Cable Map – A lovely tool for exploring the globe-spanning physical infrastructure that's knitting our world together.

Hammer.js – "Can't touch this!" – A cross-platform Javascript library for advanced gestures on touch devices like tablets and phones. Even just building a basic swipe gesture from tap events is a pain, so this is much needed.

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