Give me your Tumblr URL and I’ll give you a globe


One of the toughest challenges with Jetpac is persuading people to sign up with Facebook. It has a lot to offer if you make it over that hurdle, but some of the most thoughtful people I know never will, for reasons I respect and understand.

The nice thing about using unstructured text as our location information is that we can go anywhere there's good photo captions. We started on Facebook just because there's so much data available (the average user has had over 200,000 photos shared with them by their friends) but now I'm finally getting a chance to address other sources. First up is Tumblr, so if you have your own or are a fan of one that mentions locations in any of the posts, you should be able to get a quick visualization of it, no login required, by going to:

Here's an example of what you'll get:

We take all your photos, and build an HTML5/WebGL globe to help you explore them by place. Type in the URL, get a globe, it's as simple as that!

Just for fun I pointed the service at The Economist's Tumblr, to see how it coped with posts that definitely weren't travel photos. It didn't turn out half bad!

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