About that awesome video

No, not my one from yesterday, the product demo we have on the front page of Jetpac! I wasn't sure we should be spending time and effort on something that seemed non-critical, but it turned out to be incredibly useful in explaining what we're doing and persuading users to try us out. I spent years working on high-end video software, so I tend to be very critical of production work, but the producer Mike Kaney did an amazing job, even on very tricky elements like the reflections. What's even more impressive is that he achieved all this on a startup budget! If you're interested in getting something made for one of your own projects, check out his Rockbridge production company and tell him we sent you.

I have to mention the star performance by Jetpac's very own mad marketing genius Stephanie Southerland. Despite no background in acting, she's apparently a natural performer, even on top of a building in her swimwear on a freezing-cold November day.

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