Strata Rejects goes legit

Photo by Ronayne

Mad scientists of the world rejoice, Edd and the other Strata folks liked the idea of a Rejects session so much, it's now part of the official pre-conference program. It will now be starting at 6:15pm at the hotel, as one of the first sections of the BigDataCamp unconference on the 31st, the day before the full show. The only downside is that we now have a hard time limit, so my original plan of running talks until the audience walked out has been scrapped. We still have some space left in the hour, and there's likely to be one or two slots open due to travel delays, but email me now if you want to avoid being rejected from the rejects! The whole BigDataCamp is going to be a lot of fun, so make sure you sign up for it, and you'll also get a 25% discount on the main event.

The wonderful data team at LinkedIn have even offered to help with liquid refreshments, so I know it's going to be a blast. Bring your lab coats, bubbling flasks and grudges against the uncomprehending world.

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