Five short links

Picture by Mike Lay

So THIS Is How Bloomberg Gets Earnings Reports Hours Before They’re Publicly Released… – Remember kids, anything you post to a web server is accessible, even before you link to it. I’m still aghast that Apache’s default behavior is serving up directory listings for folders with no index, which makes this sort of thing even easier.

Law and the Multiverse – Real lawyers deal with the implications of imaginary superheroes. The beauty of this site is how much depth and rigor the participants bring to the problems.

MapEveryBit – Early-stage but interesting tool for mapping your social network across Twitter and Facebook.

Visualizations to show causality – I like this exploration of graphing techniques to explain cause-and-effect. Animated and interactive graphs can be a lot more than toys or eye-candy.

Lenana – Tales from the front-lines of education in Tanzania. The statistics are powerful (only a third of the kids are in school now, but that’s up from just 12% a few years ago) but I was really affected by the stories of kids like Nawasa. The practical steps they’re taking to solve their problems are heartening, like the Empowered Girls Club they’ve set up.

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