How to run visitor analytics on your Facebook fan page

Via Rocketboom

I built FanPageAnalytics because I was looking for a way to understand the audience of a fan page, and the traditional analytics solutions relied on Javascript that couldn't run within the Facebook environment. Happily it looks like there's some new solutions emerging that use alternative methods to handle visitor tracking. My friend Eric Kirby pointed these two out to me today:

Google Analytics for Facebook Fan Pages

This is a great explanation of how to use the image fallback path that Google Analytics provides for situations where Javascript isn't available. I've come to prefer Clicky for free web analytics, since it gives you instant feedback rather than Google's delayed results, and avoids the 'space shuttle control panel' UI of Google's offering. I'll look into whether the same technique can be adapted for Clicky.

WebTrends Analytics for Facebook

Firmly aimed at the high-end market, WebTrends makes intriguing promises about the level of data they can collect, despite the lack of scripting and caching of images. I'm very curious as to how they manage it, I may need to look at a page using their analytics if I can locate one. They're offering a webinar on March 3rd if you want to see a live demo.

I haven't used wither of these myself yet, so I'd love to hear about your experiences with them, or any other alternatives you'd recommend.

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