How to guess gender from a first name in PHP

AlienrestroomPhoto by Davezilla

If you've got someone's first name, it's possible to make a pretty accurate guess what their gender is. Obviously there's plenty of exceptions, Sean and Francis spring to mind, but for lots of applications you don't need 100% accuracy or coverage. In my case I want a better understanding the demographics of my users, so a figure that's within a few percent is fine.

There's a great Perl module called Text::GenderFromName that implements this idea, with accumulated wisdom dating all the way back to a 1991 awk script! I haven't found anything that fits well into my PHP projects though, so I finally bit the bullet and ported that Perl script to PHP. The result is up at

and you can get the source at

Thanks to Eamon Daly and Jon Orwant for the original code, and apologies for the mechanical translation of Perl code to PHP. It's now painfully non-idiomatic, but it does work!

For best results you should also install the doublemetaphone PHP module, though it will function without it.

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