Introducing Fan Page Analytics


Fan Page Analytics is a new project I've just launched to help answer questions about Facebook pages. Here's some examples:

Which parts of the world have the most fans of God? In the US the map pretty clears shows the traditional Bible Belt, but looking worldwide the Phillipines is pretty god-fearing too.

How does ReadWriteWeb's fan base compare to TechCrunch's? From the map, RWW is much more broadly based, whereas TC's readership is heavily concentrated in the traditional US tech centers of California, Washington and Massachusetts. I only see one venture capital fan page in RWW's top 20 most related pages, but I count 8 in TC. On the other hand there's a couple of HR related pages for RWW, and none for TC, which suggests a less geeky audience.

That's all fascinating, but what problem does it solve? Suppose I'm planning the next DEMO conference. Glancing at the related pages shows that Charlene Li and Fred Wilson are people my audience care about, so they should be top of my list to attend and spread the word. ReadWriteWeb and GigaOm fans are more likely to be fans of DEMO than Techcrunch readers, so I might get more bang for my buck buying ad space on those sites. Looking at the locations, CA, WA and MA are way ahead, so I can craft some Facebook ads targeted only at those areas and tied in to some of the other related interests. I can even look at some examples of users in particular locations or with shared interests to understand if they're really my target market. These appear in the right side-bar when you click on an area or a location.

This is an initial release, so expect a few bugs, and it's not yet got complete coverage of fan pages, so apologies if yours isn't there yet. Hopefully you can still have some fun uncovering things like Glenn Beck's fan base in Outer Mongolia.

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