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Paul Jozefak just posted a list of the startup-related blogs he's reading, and that reminded me that I'd been intending to highlight some of my favorites too. I'm skipping the obvious ones (Brad, Fred, Eric Ries) to focus on lesser-known gems I'd love to see more widely read.

Bill Flagg

Bill's a Boulder entrepreneur with several great companies under his belt, but what really makes him stand out is that he's a boot-strapper. During TechStars he was a great counter-point to the focus on raising money, and he posts some awesome advice on building a company that actually generates cash. How about a billing department that encourages customers to mark down their invoices if they didn't feel like they got their money's worth? It's working for RegOnline.

Rick Segal

I love Rick's blog because of his willingness to risk offending people. I actually got fairly irate at a post he did last year, but I wouldn't have him any other way. What's even more interesting is that he's recently started on a journey from VC to startup founder, so there's been lots of great "Eat your own dogfood" posts, including a mea culpa on ever uttering the words 'lifestyle business' as a VC.

Highway 12 Ventures

Mark and George were very active in TechStars, but I never realized they blogged until Mark's stellar "Don't let the bastards grind you down". Since then I've been working through their archive, and they're chock full of other great posts, even tips from a hostage negotiator!

Jay Parkhill

Talking of negotiations, Jay's latest post on telling who wants to actually do a deal and who's just there to argue is a must-read. He's a lawyer specializing in startups, so there's loads of other great advice like how to cope with the loss of co-founders without sinking the business.

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