Photos from my first day as a Boulder resident


Today I picked up the keys to a little house in Boulder and started moving in. I was initially very confused by all the white stuff falling from the sky (we don't get that in Los Angeles) but I'm slowly adjusting. The day has mostly been a blur of unpacking and floor-mopping, but the neighborhood deer paid me a charming welcome visit, ambling slowly through our front yard. I was very surprised, we're well into the town (near Norris and 21st), but according to the locals this isn't uncommon.

A trip to the local Safeway produced another unexpected delight:

Unlike any mainstream California supermarket they have an entire section devoted to British food! Maltesers have pride of place (we've proven by extensive experimentation in our D&D group that Whoppers are far inferior), the gap in the Dark Chocolate Digestives (terrible name, divine cookies) is from me snatching a packet, and they even have cans of the appalling but amusingly named Spotted Dick dessert. There's Heinz Baked Beans, the only brand for authentic Beans on Toast (the name is the recipe!), pickled onions (horrid and stinky), and most dangerous of all, Liquorice Allsorts. I see some serious dental bills in my future with this sort of temptation…

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