One-pager for Mailana Inc

I'm working on a short description of where my business is at, and I'm publishing what I have so far, in the hope I'll get ideas on improving it. The audience is potential investors and other partners, and the goal is to just to start a dialog, so I'm keeping it short and snappy. Let me know in the comments what you'd think if this landed in your inbox.

Mailana Inc
"You guys should talk"

Mailana produces actionable information from your
electronic conversations. It analyzes email and IMs to answer questions
like "Which of my friends know this person?", "Who in my circle knows
about this subject?" and "How can I connect with somebody at this

The public Twitter demo has won praise from people like Tim O'Reilly, Brad Feld, Brian Solis of TechCrunch and Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb.

The system also runs against Microsoft Exchange,
downloading and analyzing the email messages for a team, department or
an entire organization. The information is then used to create
suggested profiles for each employee, forming the basis for a much more
detailed internal version of LinkedIn. Exposed through Outlook and
Internet Explorer add-ins, this stops companies reinventing wheels and
unlocks wasted potential resources within the business.

Mailana Inc was founded in July 2008 by Pete Warden,
previously a Senior Engineer at Apple. Its goal is to improve the world
by getting the right people talking to each other. With a fully working
code-base that's been deployed in real companies, it's currently
looking for partners to help as it moves from a science project into a
commercial proposition.



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