You guys should talk


Photo by Brit

I realized yesterday that "You guys should talk" is the perfect tag line for Mailana. For almost anything you're trying to do, there's someone else out there who can help you and benefit themselves from getting involved. I've seen this so many times my life, win-win situations if you can just make the right connection between two people.

I'm a naturally pretty introverted person, if you use Brad's definition of an introvert as someone who recharges their batteries by spending time alone. While I like to think I'm still pretty sociable, I know how tough it can be to build up enough background knowledge on people to be able to suggest fruitful connections.

Mailana is about helping people connect by making it easy to share relevant information on yourself so you can find and be found by others. The best source for that description of what and who you know is your email inbox.

There's massive value to be unlocked in companies, and in our everyday lives from just being able to connect people. You can already see glimmerings of this in social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn which offer computer-aided ways to strengthen and navigate your relationships. Using the implicit data from our existing communications (like I'm experimenting with at we'll be able to build far more effective tools to link people together.

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