How to find people by location in Twitter


Photo by Junjan

One of the hardest things to do when you join Twitter is figuring out who to follow. Once you've added your immediate friends a good next step is people who live locally. There's a variety of ways to do this – first give a try. Enter the name of your city or town, and it will bring up a list of everybody who's recently Twittered from there. It's a stepping stone to graphing the social networks for every location, so stay tuned.

Another good way to find local people is to use Twitter's built-in search. Enter your location in the 'Near this place' field and it will give you recent messages from people nearby.

To get a list of the most active and followed users in your neighborhood, go to and search for your home town. You'll see a ranked list, it's good to pick up on any local net celebrities you might not know about.

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