How to view the MAPI/RPC documentation online

No connection to the post for once, I just can't resist an angry lemur

Photo by Law Keven

Microsoft recently released the documentation for the secret protocol Outlook uses to communicate with Exchange. Yeay! Unfortunately they released it as a large number of PDFs in a zip file. Boo!

I've been using them for my work on Mailana, but having to use local file searching or manual browsing through all these documents rather than my usual web search has slowed me down. Today I finally bit the bullet, ran them through a PDF batch converter to get HTML, and put them online at

In a few days all that lovely information should show up in Google searches, and the site search should work too. Thanks to Darren Hoyt for the simple site-search HTML and PDF Bean for the conversion tools.

It's a shame that Microsoft's own documentation is so unfriendly to the web. They often change links without implementing forwarding, so often old blog or forum posts lead nowhere, and some documentation like this is only available as unsearchable downloads. Of course Apple can be worse, requiring logins before you can get at a lot of the resources, and the mailing list search tools are worthy of a geocities page ten years ago. It's funny how lost I feel when I'm researching an area that's invisible to Google, it really has become half of my brain.

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