Event Connector launched


I’ve just finished a follow-up to Defrag Connector, Event Connector. It’s got the same functionality for guests, showing who in their social graph is going. The main improvement is that you can now do this for any Facebook event, with a main page that lets you pick from the ones you’re attending. It also lets you add an event button, with a link to the connector, to TypePad and Blogger blogs.

My strategy is to appeal to event organizers, and let them drive the distribution to their guests. That just pushes the distribution problem up a level of course, now I have to reach organizers rather than attendees.

I’m counting on organizers being a lot more motivated than guests to search out promotional tools.  If that’s true, then even fairly passive marketing tools like appearing in the apps directory and word-of-mouth should be effective in reaching them. I’m starting the ball rolling by reaching out to some of my own friends who do a lot of event promotion, and we’ll see where it goes from there.

Here’s the pain-points I’m trying to address:

  • Organizers: Persuades people to attend by supplying the social proof that others they know are going
  • Organizers: Lets people know that the event is happening, by spreading buttons on people’s profiles and blogs
  • Guests: Answers the question ‘who do I know that’s going?’
  • Guests: A simple way to advertise their support and attendance at an event

Funhouse Photo User Count: 917 total, 57 active. Still the same growth as the last week. I don’t have any ideas for making it more involving yet, at least not any that I can do in the time I have available. The statistical usage analysis definitely has to be the next step here, I need to understand what’s working, and what isn’t.

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