Defrag Connector reaction


I’ve had a great response from Defrag attendees to the Connector. Eric sent out a message and put up a blog post, and Brad Feld and Jeff Nolan both had good things to say about it on their blogs. I’m very proud to see some of the people I read daily giving it a thumbs-up.

The app has 95 users, even though there’s only 63 confirmed guests at the event, which is interesting! I wrote it in a generic way, so it will work with any Facebook event if you supply the id in the URL parameters, and it will pull the attendee information, name and logo from the API. I will see about putting up another app that’s not restricted to Defrag, using the same code with some UI added to let you pick and event.

Defrag is going to be a lot of fun. Liz will be joining me after the conference, and we’ll be exploring Colorado for the rest of the week, since neither of us have been before. Liz’s cousin used to live there, and recommended a road-trip, staying in Boulder and then doing a loop through the mountains. It’s a shame we won’t be bringing our mountain bikes, but hopefully we can manage some cross-country skiing and hiking.

Funhouse Photo User Count: 903 total, 57 active daily. Still the same slow growth pattern of the last week. I won’t be making any changes this weekend, since I want to concentrate on some of my other projects.

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