Job Satisfaction

I just returned from a day leading a trail crew with the Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council. Here’s one of the problems we tackled:

And here’s a close-up:

The trail had washed away, leaving only a few inches for people to walk on!


Here’s the solution, after me, Ed and Liz spent half an hour with pick-axes, saws and loppers. A whole new trail section. Ed’s standing where the old trail was, everything to the left is new.

I spend all week hunched in front of a computer, and it can take months or years before I see the final results of a project. That’s why trail work’s so much fun for me; it’s outdoors, physical, and you see instant results.

Funhouse Photo
User Count: 780 total, 70 active. Much the same as before, hopefully I can spend some more time hunched over my laptop tomorrow, adding feed notifications and some new effects.

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