GoogleHotKeys is Go!


I’ve officially launched Google Hot Keys. Check out the new site for the Internet Explorer and Firefox versions, help and screenshots.

There’s already been a lot more Firefox downloads since the name change, now I’m going to work hard to promote it to IE users too. So far, I’ve started the submission process for CNet’s, at the confusingly named! It looks like this will take around three or four weeks to go through their submission process, though I could speed it up if I paid $250, or went for a $9 a month package. One nice bonus is that it will appear on Windows Marketplace once CNet accepts it.

I’ll be reaching out to some of the people who’ve shown a past interest in PeteSearch, since I’m finally happy that I’ve got a product that will deliver a great experience! There’s an audience out there for this, and I will be pushing hard to get it in front of them.

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