Last modified, better preview, and ask

The status line now shows when a site was last modified, which can be useful to know if you’re searching for time-sensitive information. Not all sites return the header I use to find that out though.

I’d noticed there were some sites still showing up with missing pictures or bad formatting in the preview. I spent some time debugging some of the problem cases, and realized there were some bugs in the code I was using to insert the tag that resolves relative URLs. I put in fixes for those problems, which made a lot of CSS based sites appear much better.
It also allowed some scripts to run that hadn’t before, so I then had to fix the bugs in my script blocking that let those through. The end result is that preview works a lot more reliably.

I’ve also been experimenting with offering as an alternative to Google. I managed to get something working pretty quickly, but hit problems with their use of Javascript in the results pages. It works fine in Safari and Internet Explorer, but Firefox throws a lot of errors. I’ll be returning to debug that some more when I have a chance, for now I’ve left the code in, but I’m not providing any obvious links to it. If you want to experiment, use to invoke it.

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