Five Deep Links

surferlarge – When I’m up to my neck in debugging obscure numerical bugs, it’s nice to remind myself again why I’m working in this area. Transferring styles from paintings to images is one of those magical results that I would never have guessed I’d see in decades, but here it is! I’ll keep checking back whenever wrestling with my code gets too tricky.

Turkey + Dinner Plates = Thanksgiving – Last week I gave a talk to some journalists about some of my teams work at Google. It was intimidating to be on a roster with Geoff Hinton and other legends, but I was glad to be able to lift the veil a little bit.

RankBrain – Talking of lifting the veil, I’m excited we’ve been able to reveal how we’re using deep learning in search ranking.

Neural Network DSPs – CEVA are doing interesting work on running neural networks on low-power embedded devices, which I think will form the foundation of semantic sensors over the next few years.

Neural Networks with Few Multiplications – An interesting approach to speeding up neural networks by approximating the math.

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