Five short links


Picture by Jan van Scorel

A quick programming note – I’m now at Google! This blog will continue to be my personal collection of random things and occasional rants though.

Frida – Greasemonkey for arbitrary binaries! You can hook into all sorts of function calls with Javascript, even on binaries you didn’t build yourself. I love the idea of being able to mash up desktop apps.

Spotting Tumors with Deep Learning – My friend Jeremy Howard has launched a new startup to apply deep learning to medical problems. Great to see the technology being applied to more things that matter.

Mechanical Turk Worker Protection Guidelines – It’s aimed at academics, but anyone who employs human data raters should read this as a guide on how not to be a jerk.

GPU_FFT – Andrew Holmes on how he created his super-fast FFT library on the Raspberry Pi, with lots of detail on the hand-coded assembler and memory access optimizations. Geek heaven!

fork() can fail : this is important – The crazy tale of a pathological edge case with fork(), and how code that doesn’t check return values very carefully will wipe out all the processes on a machine in a mysterious fashion. “Unix: just enough potholes and bear traps to keep an entire valley going.

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