Setting up Caffe on Ubuntu 14.04

A lot of people on this morning’s webcast asked if I had an Amazon EC2 image of pre-installed Caffe. I didn’t then, but I’ve just put one together! It’s available as ami-2faaa96a in the Northern California zone. There’s also a Vagrant VM at, and I’ve got full instructions for setting up your own machine on the Caffe wiki. I’m shaving yaks, so you don’t have to!

7 responses

  1. @Mike Cole, I’m looking for the same valid vagrant vm image as well. If you get a response off of another site or run across it please pass it along. Thanks!

  2. Would be great if you could reenable the access to Vagrant box image. I tried to make it myself according to video, but there are some conflicting packages and it does not work properly. Would be great help thanks!

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