Five short links


Photo by Gianni

Databending using Audacity effects – What happens when you apply audio effects to images? Occasionally-wonderful glitch art! It always lifts my heart to see creative tinkering like this, especially when it’s well-documented.

Scan Processor Studies – On the topic of glitch art, here are some mind-bending analog video effects from 1972. They look amazingly fresh, and I discovered them while following the influences behind the phenomenal Kentucky Route Zero, which features a lot of tributes to the Bronze Age of computing.

The crisis of reproducibility in omen reading – In which I cheer as the incomparable Cosma Shalizi takes on fuzzy thinking, again.

What’s next for OpenStreetMap? – Has an essential overview of the Open Database License virality problem that’s stopped me from working with OSM data for geocoding. David Blackman from Foursquare gave a heart-breaking talk describing all the work he’s put into cleaning up and organizing OSM boundaries for his open-source TwoFishes project, only to find himself unable to use it in production, or even recommend that other users adopt it!

Where is my C++ replacement? – As a former graphics engine programmer, I recognize the requirements and constraints in this lament. I want to avoid writing any more C or C++, after being scared straight by all the goto-fail-like problems recently, and Go’s my personal leading contender, but there’s still no clear winner.

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