Five short links


Photo by Tanakawho

A convention for human-readable 128-bit keys – Another nice example of natural and computer languages colliding, found via, which I’m hoping might turn out to be a version of Hacker News without the Hacker News commentators. I’ll still be lurking on the HN submission page though, since there are a lot of good links being thrown into the woodchipper.

Speedtree – A store devoted to beautiful computer models of trees. I remember wasting many evenings on simple fractal models of trees as a kid, it’s wonderful to see how far the technology has come.

Questionable crypto in retail analytics – Hashes are a flimsy curtain around private information that organizations want to share publicly, and they almost always reveal a lot more than the publishers like to think.

Starship Troopers and the Killer Cuddle Hormone – CPUs are tough to understand, but our brains are a whole different level of kludge. A great piece on how oxytocin interacts with our propensity to lie.

Binary Boolean Operator – The Lost Levels – If history had been a little different, we’d have the ‘implies’ operator, which would definitely make some of my assert()’s more readable.

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