Five short links


Picture by Wackystuff

Colors of the Internet – The palettes of the most popular 1,000 websites worldwide.

Compression bombs – Create a tiny compressed file that expands into terabytes when it’s expanded, persuade a user to open it in their browser, and sit back as their drive fills up and their machine becomes unresponsive.

What is the best comment in source code you have ever encountered? – ‘stop(); // Hammertime!‘ might be my favorite.

Unix at 25 – How AT&T’s house rules of ‘no support, no bug fixes, and no credit‘ ended up fostering an incredible community ethos of collaboration. ‘The general attitude of AT&T toward Unix–“no advertising, no support, no bug fixes, payment in advance”–made it necessary for users to band together.

‘User’ Considered Harmful – Break the habit of referring to the wonderful human beings who take the time to interact with your software as ‘users’.

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